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At 26mobile We make sure your shipments reach their destination at maximum efficiency with minimal time and cost.


When choosing seafreight, it is necessary to take in mind a number of factors that affect the size of the container, cost, ETA and under what conditions it was sent. 26Mobile has a professional forwarding team who will be happy to assist and will accompany you throughout the entire process to make sure everything is working properly and to your satisfaction!


When it comes to air shipping usually refers to small or urgent shipments that require very delicate handling with kid gloves. 26 Mobile works with the world's leading courier companies for years.
It is important for your shipment arrives on time and delivered as quickly as possible, pack up carefully and will contain the entire shipment without problems and without unnecessary delays. To this end, each order is handled carefully and our air freight forwarding staff ensures that personally.

360° warranty program

We run the 360 warranty program policy. when you place an order of 26 Mobile you can be sure you are safe.
All our products are carefully chosen and tested before and sent to you after having checked three times. If, however, you receive a *defective product or defect afterwards (* The warranty period varies by product. Additional information may be obtained from our sales agents or appeal to the 26 Mobil), please contact us and we will be happy to be of service and replace if necessary

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